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360 Media Pro

360 Media Pro, founded and headquartered in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, is the region's top rated media firm for residential and commercial real estate photography, video, web, and drone services. The 360 Media Pro Team is focused on delivering the best imagery in the Lehigh Valley and Poconos, including Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton. 

Our team’s primary objective is to provide our clients with the highest level of service through our innovative and client-centered team approach. We take pride in guaranteeing our work the backing of a 10 year track record of proven success.



The Lehigh Valley Private Equity Fund, L.P is a solution based investment vehicle holding proprietary technology and unparalleled access to the multi-family market which gives our investors a direct competitive advantage to earn 12%* returns. Here are the basics:

-All of the fund’s investments will be in a preferred position, either as preferred equity, with common equity invested “behind” the fund’s investment, or as a loan with equity invested “behind” the fund. 


MAS Renovations

Mas Renovations is a multi licensed company in all trades including painting, plumbing, construction, clean out, HBAC, and electrical, making them the ultimate renovation company located here in the lehigh valley.


Lehigh Valley Instant Offer

Your source for confidential listings.


Lehigh Valley Off Market

The Lehigh Valley Off Market Network was commissioned, funded and is maintained by a small group of real estate owners to create a secure environment to buy and sell real estate. All offerings are off market and not available to just anyone looking to invest.

We polled over 50 real estate owners about what they desired in an off market property website and from this data, we laid the foundation for the 7 principles this platform is built upon.


Master Investor Academy

Master investor academy was designed to train the general public about how to properly invest their money in the real estate industry. This course is run by Garret Rhoads and Tejas Gosai. Two very knowledgeable and successful mentors in the real estate business.