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Cash flow analysis worksheet for investment property

Click here to download our custom designed cash flow analysis worksheet for investment properties. 

Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate

Here at the Tejas Gosai Team, we want our clients to be educated about commercial properties. We made this unique video to help you learn the basics of commercial, regardless of if you're just getting started or trying to refresh your memory.

Everything you need to know about commerical

What is Commercial Real Estate?


Commercial Real Estate is property that is able to generate profits. Investors choose Commercial Real Estate for it's solid returns, tangible asset qualities, tax benefits, and portfolio diversification. These properties can be multi-family apartments, retail, warehouses, gas stations, and more.

How to Choose a Commercial Property


Investors look at many factors to decide on a property. The numbers include capitalization rate, rental income, management fees, operating expenses, taxes, and more. Investors also consider location and market trends. The Lehigh Valley is considered a fast growing market and the Tejas Gosai team has a unique position and expertise in this market.

Commitment to Our Clients


The Tejas Gosai Team is committed to providing excellent service to the clients we work with.  We promise to be accessible to you, trustworthy and honest with you, and exceed your expectations every time. We are in business to serve our clients first and foremost. Our professionals will not stop until they find the right property for you and your investment strategy.

How to Get Started


If a Commercial Property interests you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will work with you individually to discuss your preferences and requirements, and find properties that match your criteria. 

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